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Investment Research and Portfolio Management

Investment Research and Portfolio Management

Today’s technology provides us with vast amounts of information at our fingertips; likely more information than any one person could consume. Analysis and commentary are available from both billion-dollar fund managers and hobby traders alike, with opinions and analysis blending. Economic forecasts are bountiful with headlines that are sensationalized to draw readers, while the headline tends to be remembered more so than any facts inside. Financial apps on our phones provide notifications with updates on demand which can toy with the emotions of investors.

Reliance on fundamentals is the cornerstone of our investment research. Consideration is given to many forms of analysis, but a focus on comparative fundamentals is at the forefront. We focus on diversification as a strategy to address multiple forms of risk while being cognizant of factors such as fees and liquidity.

At JK Investment Group, we understand that emotional decisions can result in a quick detour from the original plan. Our role is to understand your goals for you and your family and provide a management strategy focused on assisting you in achieving those goals. We take the emotion out of investing and allocate your funds analytically based on research and market trends. Let us help keep you on track in reaching your goals - the smart way.

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